Since the beginning of botanical life on earth, the seed has been the powerhouse of life for the plant. Within each seed lies the continuing answer to generations of the same plant species. For humans, whole seed extracts offer a plethera of health benefits that have only recently been given serious attention in scientific literature. Rain Nutrition has combined a powerful combination of seed extracts with several benefits, including powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits.
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Soul Product Fed Back

Awesome Mr Sin, thanks for your sharing and its only base on each RM1990 and RM760 investment, all product sold and reach out to many with amazing result.

We're promoting a need product, not a push product. For the pass 6 months, I've been receiving call sharing testimonial, after taking 1-2 package of Soul and Pure, customer come back and ask where can he/she buy it.

2 days ago, Luke was sharing a single lady live in Singapore, suffered with  serious enzyme and stress from work. she went through a  special treatment in KL, a month boarding with special care, food and close monitor by doctor and nurses, cost her RM30K, nothing improve, Doctor advices, need to go through another month treatment and follow up by monthly medical fees RM4K. She was introduced Soul and Pure during X'mas. Luke met this lady on CNY, her condition was 90% improved. She only spent less than RM1K on Soul and Pure.. Amazing!!!

Its happy to see sick people with joy after taking Rain product.

Well team, we need more people help to share tis great product, time being, most people join us because of the product. Of course, Leader, Doctor, businessman, Nutritionist join, other than product, timing, opportunity, seeds technology and our internet marketing system.

Although we dunt have a big cheque to show yet, but I believe all of us in pioneer line will receive one day, 5-6 figures a week, a month, you decide.

Come to our Elite chinese presentation (Product and Marketing plan) conduct by Dr Philip and Nutritionist Loke San. Seat are limited, RSVP Mr Hong Hp: +60175796163. Early Bird!!! FIRST 3 guest arrive on that day, receive free blood test.  

8th Mar Tue talk begin 730pm - 9pm (registration for blood test 7pm)
11 PJS 7/7M Bandar Sunway 46150 Selangor Malaysia

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